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Exhaust Extraction System

  • 100% Effective Capture...Guaranteed
  • Fully Automatic and Lowest Maintenance

Apparatus in the firehouse discharge contaminants into the breathing area. Exposure to this toxic pollution has been linked to cancer and other serious health disorders. MagneGrip systems connect to the vehicle exhaust pipe, removing all particulates and all gases to protect firefighters.

Air Purification Systems

  • Neutralizes More Toxic Gases
  • Kills Mold Spores, Airborne Viruses and More

AirHAWK units are ceiling-mounted in firehouses to capture exhaust emissions and off-gases. Cutting-edge technology such as photo-catalytic oxidation provides maximum effectiveness. AirHAWK offers several styles for a range of applications, including nursing homes, computer rooms, office buildings, garages, laboratories, etc.

Pneumatic Exhaust Removal

  • Air Intake for Engine Protection
  • Cooler Operation
  • Less Wear
  • Longer Life

HazVent's pneumatic nozzle attaches to the apparatus tailpipe to capture 100% of the hazardous exhaust emissions. Nozzle automatically releases at the door when the apparatus exits. HazVent SBT and SSR systems have airtight ductwork and are code compliant to help maintain a healthy work environment. -click here for more-

Pneumatic Exhaust Removal Systems with Big Advantages!

Ambient air intake
Unlike older-design pneumatic systems, HazVent's optional Knap-O-Dapter tailpipe adapter allows ambient air in to cool exhaust temperatures. This reduces wear on the hose and other systems components.

Avoid engine problems
By enabling ambient air to enter the exhaust system, the Knap-O-Dapter protects against negative air pressure that can cause the turbocharger to spin without lubrication. If this occurs, it can damage the turbocharger bearings and require costly engine repairs.

Two air release valves
HazVent is the only pneumatic system with two air valve release locations. Other pneumatic systems only allow the air pressure to escape through the MFD valve located mid-point on the hose. The HazVent system allows air to escape from the MFD valve and the nozzle, so the disconnect is faster and more reliable.

5-inch hoses
Most apparatus tailpipes are 5 inches in diameter. HazVent systems use compatible 5-inch hoses that will not hamper the removal of exhaust emissions. Competitive pneumatic systems use 4-inch hoses which restrict airflow.

New elbow transition
The HazVent elbow transition between the hose and bladder nozzle is made of cast aluminum. It is lightweight and will not rust. Also, the elbow's textured surface is cooler to the touch than a smooth surface.

New lifting elbow
The system also features a die-stamped lifting elbow to provide greater airflow than old-style rubber saddles. The new elbow allows exhaust emissions to pass through the hose unrestricted and it will retain its shape indefinitely.

Custom Exhaust Systems

  • Maintenance Shops
  • Garages
  • Fleets
  • Buses
  • Heavy Equipment

MagneGrip offers systems designed to eliminate hazardous exhaust emissions in most facilities where vehicles are operated. These direct-connect systems are easy to operate and essential for removing exhaust toxicity and protecting the health of personnel. -click here-

Breathing Clean Air in Maintenance Shops, Garages, Etc.